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Find Me in the Water - OUT NOW!!

Have you ever felt caught between two completely different worlds?

This is what "Find me in the water" is about. I wrote it back when I was flying back and forth to Italy, for work. I used to spend two weeks there and then two weeks in Tel Aviv, in a continuous cycle for a few years.

Somewhere near the time I was about to leave and conclude that chapter of my life, I was seeing this European guy. He was one of several short-term relationships I had during the time I was juggling the two countries at once. These relationships all had one thing in common - they had no future.

No matter how much I loved it there - the Italian alps, the language (which I still cannot speak), all the wonderful friends I'd made and the adventures I had - I could never truly belog there. I can't put my finger on it. There was an ease with which I saw people going about in Central Europe that was nothing like the Middle-Eastern craziness I knew from home. I could breath there more easily, but I always knew I couldn't stay.

This song echoed my state of mind at the time. I was contemplating these feelings, and mourning the inevitable end of my journey there. It was then that I also realized that my home country, where I was born and raised, didn't really feel like home to me. Nevertheless it was where my life was, where I 'should' have felt my roots to be. Maybe we don't all need such deep roots?

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